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How can we help

Our Main Services

Conversion Jar specializes in online marketing, advertising, and management. We also offer web design and reputation defense.

Online Marketing

Want to increase traffic and sales for your website and business? Conversion Jar can develop and implement online marketing campaigns that can achieve the results that your business is striving to obtain.

Develop Marketing Strategy

We work with you to create a plan that works for you and your business and how to achieve the results you need.

Handle Advertising and Promotion

We handle all aspects of your online advertising including PPC Ads on Google and social media sites.

Monitor and Achieve Results

We track your results, provide you with reports, and ensure that we hit our goals for your business.


Track how many people visit your website and how that impacts your sales and overall website performance. We compile reports for you and make improvements to increase your conversion rate and monthly visitors.

Website Management

Tired of making updates on your website? Need someone to make changes whenever you need them? Conversion Jar can manage your website and make all the changes that you need on your website.

Send us Your Updates

Text, email, or call us with the changes you need made on your website.

We Upload them within 24 Hours

Once we receive the changes you need we upload them within 24 hours.

Ensure Your Website Runs Smoothly

We make sure your website always stays up and make improvements on it.

Social Media Management

Have social media for your business but not sure how to use it effectively? Need social media setup? We have social media experts who can handle posting, marketing campaigns, acquiring new followers, and client retention.

Handle Posting

We post and upload content on your social media as often as you like.

Marketing Campaigns

We develop and run marketing plans to get you more followers and customers.

Acquiring New Followers

We create content and promotions to get you more followers and engagement.

Handle Advertising

We create and manage all your PPC advertising for effective conversion.

Client Retention

We develop strategies to keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Reputation Defense

We ensure that your online rating remains high on any platform.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Is your website low on the search results? Want to be on top and get more traffic? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets your website ranked on the top of the search results to get you more traffic and ultimately sales.

We take a look at your current website and how it ranks on current search engine results page. We examine your code, meta data, and other aspects to see where your website can make improvements. We give you a list of everything that can be done to get you ranking higher on the SERP.
Once we know how to improve your page rankings, we create an action plan to get you to rank higher. We start with the fastest ways to increase your ranking and educate you about different strategies and everything that goes into how your website gets ranked.
Throughout the entire process, we monitor how much progress is being made and send you reports with what we have done and how it has impacted your website ranking. We continue to make adjustments and ensure that we are doing everything to get your website ranked for the keywords that you need.

Reputation Defense

Tired of awful Yelp reviews? Let us help you maintain high ratings on review sites and defend you from nasty reviews.

We resolve negative reviews

We take measures to resolve negative reviews and get them removed in order to protect your online image. We also handle customer disputes for you and ensure that you have strong reviews across all review websites.

We get you excellent ratings online

We work to increase your online rating on websites such as Yelp and Google Plus. We reach out to customers and get them to write positive reviews and use other methods to increase your rankings.